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Hello anyone reading this!

In 2013 I met [happy]turtle on Sauerbraten and was impressed by his skill! Thus, I asked to become a member of his then one-man clan [happy]! since then, I have played almost exclusively as [happy]Pikachu. Our goal is to legitimize this clan as a place that skilled but relaxed players can come together and have some fun!

Why join happy, not a different clan?

-There is a point in every serious fragger's career when he/she begins to become interested in clans. Everyone wants to be in a clan that is good and has like people but there are some negatives that come with joining established clans. For me, the thought of having another clantag scares me. I think that I will feel pressure to do well and I will lose interest if I don't improve. Happy is a clan that welcomes players who are skilled but are not caught up in being "the best". Our goal is to have fun playing Sauerbraten, whether that means kicking butt or admitting defeat after a good match. We are agreeable with all sorts of players and clans in the game and try to maintain a "happy" attitude no matter what!

If you think this is a clan you are interested in joining or have any questions, feel free to send a message in our "join" tab. We are recruiting players to join [happy] for the long haul to help us build the strong base of the clan. Right now, we are only English and French speakers, but we are open to all people from any language background. We will manage the language barrier through our enjoyment of the game .

As of now, our three members are [happy]turtle, [happy]Babo0, and [happy]Pikachu

Happy fragging!
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